Overweight !!!

 Being Overweight and Fat Consumption in body is common problem among our young youth. In my own house I have seen my mother facing this problem. I have been always saying her to avoid oily food but, she doesn't get out of it. She has been always doing exercise but, it has least impacted her body. Her weight and body remains the same. The biggest issue is the Health problems which make her weak. What do you think this 'Overweight' Is?? Do share your comments !!!  You must be thinking Why Am I talking about this?? No, its very important to talk about this concept among our kids, So that they can be well aware about this concept which seems to be a normal but, In reality is a big issue. The point is not of being fat. Its of How body gets adjust to it? I have seen my own mother whose body is filled with all fat and she faces difficulty in even climbing the stairs.

Its not only about climbing stairs she can't walk for long distance as she faces breathing problem. Their are list of problems which she has been facing and don't know What's the solution ?? These all problems are because of weight which she has gained?? 'or' What's the cause of it ?? I know its not only my mother facing this, There are lakhs of people who are fed up of this Overweight?? If 'Yes'? Than, what's the remedy of it??? If you know it than Do share it in comment box !!! Doctor's have always suggested to do regular exercise and Maintain a healthy diet. If you follow this than also No results than Who is responsible for this?? In my home their is no maid and all the house work is done by my mother, She keeps on cleaning the house from morning 6a.m, Wash all utensils and prepare food by breakfast it is 10a.m, The usual time which she does her breakfast Now you must be wondering why am I sharing this all ?? Right? 

Than, let me explain when my mother keeps on working in house for 24hrs than from where has she gained weight?? And, If she has gained weight than why its not reducing after doing so much of work also??? Its obvious question Right?? Let, me tell her full day schedule than at 11a.m she wash all clothes and prepare lunch for afternoon, than after lunch again she washes all utensils and by evening 6p.m again she starts to make dinner. Now, you tell me when a person is working in home from morning to evening than also her weight is not reducing and keeps on increasing day by day Why??? No, I have seen many celebrities who gain weight and easily reduce it by doing Gym. Their are many examples in front of us. 

You must be knowing 'Sara Ali Khan' her weight was 95kg and Now she is fit & fine and her weight is around 55kg How did she loose all the weight??? What was her secret which made her lose fat and became a Bollywood Actor today ??? Its not only her, the next number comes of 'Alia Bhatt' she lost 16kgs in 3months?? How is this possible?? What was her secret and Diet Plan ??? Which made her body look good and far from all disease?? Well, I think I should also follow the same diet so that I can too be slim like them don't you think so?? I think I should recommend the same diet plan for my mother too so that she can too shed some pounds and get rid of this fat ?? I have seen people joining Gym and loose fat but, what about people who can't afford money for Gym than How to get rid of this Fat belly?? First, thing which we should take care is of food what we eat?? 

If we consume too much oily food and snack than it will ultimately affect our body so, always have food which is less in oil but filled with proteins and vitamins. Avoid Rice because rice also makes you gain weight and harmful for Heart. Always have food which gives your body energy not makes you fat. Do, exercise Go for a walk morning and evening than, only results will be seen. Drink Hot water. Because, Hot water is good for weight loss and keeps your body in good condition. Go for cycling and Play some Games 'or' Sports. One more important thing, Many must be saying do physical exercise. Its good for health At, the same time also have good amount of sleep because sleeping also helps in weight loss. You must not believe in it and many must be saying that excess of sleep will make you fat but, that's not true I have experienced myself when ever I get up after some sleep I feel like my body is so light like I have reduced all weight of my body. Experience yourself and you will get to know the reality and facts about sleeping. How sleeping is linked with weight loss?? If you want to burn calories than you have to work hard and get all fat out of your body. And, I know we all can do this?? Right? Otherwise, these disease won't let you live happily and body will be full of health problems. Have you ever seen your kid 'or' your small child he eats a lot whole day but, doesn't gain weight Why?? Because, he keeps on jumping whole day from one place to other and burns calories by it and doesn't get fat. We should be learning from our child Isn't it?? Do yoga 'or' Join dance what ever you like !!Share your comments about it !!! Have three meals a day don't eat too much at one time otherwise, your body will get a different posture and later, it will be a cause of concern. So, these were my tips to get rid of this excess fat what would you suggest share it in comment box don't forget People !!!     

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