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Sarala Devi Chaudhurani was an exceptional woman of rare gifts. She was a prolific writer, an inspiring singer, a political activist and a woman leader. She was the first woman political leader of her time and was the leader of the anti-British Movement as well. She was a patriot who had a strong sense of pride in being a Bengali. She became involved with the Swadeshi Movement in Bengal against the British Raj. Her mission was to encourage a military, heroic culture in Bengal that would serve the cause of nationalism. She was exceptionally gifted in music and she made her active entrance into politics through the medium of music. Her mission was not only to sing songs, but also to awake a nation from deep slumber of slavery from foreign masters. Through, Rabindranath Tagore created the tune for the first two lines of 'Vande Mataram', it was Sarala Devi who put the rest to music. She sang this soul inspiring song in the Banaras session of the Congress and contributed widely to the nation-wide popularity of the song, which later became a national song. 

She also composed a good number of nationalistic songs. Sarala Devi belonged to the Hindu-Brahmo community, which played a leading role in the 19th century reform movement in Bengal. She was born on 1872 into an illustrious family in Bengal. Her mother Sarala was the elder sister of Rabindranath Tagore. Sarala Devi married when she was 33 to Rambhuj Dutta Chaudhary who was a lawyer-cum-journalist. After marriage, she went with him to Punjab and carried on political activities there and helped her husband in editing the powerful nationalist Urdu weekly newspaper 'Hindustan'. She brought out an English edition of the paper as well. When the Rowlatt Act was passed, a nation-wide agitation broke out against government policy of repression leading to the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre. Sarala and Rambhuj through their paper criticised the British stand. Rambhuj was arrested. Though the arrest of Sarala Devi was planned, it was not carried out because the British very well knew that the arrest of a woman might have led to fresh political complications. 

After the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre, Mahatma Gandhi went to Lahore and was the guest of Sarala. Thus, began a close friendship between them. Sarala Devi thus became the follower of Gandhi and supported the Non-Cooperation Movement. This caused a political difference of opinion with her husband, who was against the principle of non-violence. Sarala Devi, however, devoted herself to Gandhiji's Khadi Movement. Her only son, Deepak, got married to Gandhi's granddaughter Radha. She edited the highly prestigious journal Bharati, which had been founded by her uncle, Rabindranath Tagore. She herself wrote numerous articles and songs and contributed to the excellence of the journal. She expressed her views through her journal Bharati. 

The three ideas she presented through her writings were- First, one must not be afraid to die as our life was meant for courage, adventure and service to others. Second, a person should have a strong and healthy body to lead a worthy life for regular exercise is a necessity. Third, if the British insults one, one should take immediate action oneself without waiting for legal justice. She formed clubs for the youth, which served as links with the revolutionaries. In Punjab, Sarala Devi started working for the spread of education among women and for their upliftment. She established small centres for educating women and often used to address them. The chief purpose of the organisation was the advancement of women by bringing together women of every race, creed, class and party in India. The organisation worked with a spirit of mutual helpfulness for the progress of humanity. Sarala Devi was appointed the General Secretary with all power to take necessary steps for the establishment of the Society.  

Her contribution during India's freedom struggle and Education for women in society is priceless. Belonging from Bengali family. I am talking about the time when British divided Bengal that is Partition of Bengal. The real motive behind the partition was the British desire to weaken Bengal, the nerve centre of Indian Nationalism. The government tried to achieve this goal by putting Bengalis under two administrations by dividing them- On the basis of language and On the basis of religion, as the Western half was to be a Hindi majority area and Eastern half to be a Muslim majority area. The partition sparked off a protest movement, but it broadened the struggle for Swaraj attainment and the issue of partition became secondary.  Strong sense of unity among the Bengalis fostered by their regional independence. The period emerged as the era of maximum political unrest in Bengal. What ever the situation was Sarala Devi Chaudhurani never give up and kept on working for betterment of Society. Through her Journal Bharati she always kept on communicating with people and Inspired our young generation to fight for the freedom till end. You know their are very few people who devote their entire life for Nation. Their are very few who Sacrifice their life, their happiness for the Country and She was the One among them. Even though she married she never stopped to fight for Independence. Usually, women of that time, Think more about family and child. But, she even fought with his husband to serve this Country that is India. British divided Bengal into India and Bangladesh but, their Culture and Traditions remains same Today also. I am very happy that Bangladesh was part of India at some time. No worry, PM Narendra Modi has started the Train services which joins India and Bangladesh. Today, also 'Being Divided We are United'. Today, Sarala Devi is not with us, But her efforts to unite Hindu and Muslim people is remarkable. That's reason today we can see Hindu and Muslim living together in India is all because of her. Without her efforts today Hindu and Muslim would not be living together in the same Society. We Indian's wouldn't be known What is Muslim? We would have also behaved like aliens with People belonging from different religion. What do you think about this? Share it in Comment box !!     

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