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Every year India observes 'Indian Air Force Day' on 8th October. The motto of IAF is "Touch the Sky with Glory". The day is celebrated to create awareness around the world about IAF that works towards 'Strengthening National Security'. Prime Minister 'Narendra Modi' extends his greetings to the 'Brave Air Warriors'. It's very proud moment that 'Bhawana Kanth' became First Women Fighter Pilot in India. Along with Avani Chaturvedi and Mohana Singh being Women Fighter Pilot in 2016. Before, their was no policy that women can also be Fighter Pilot this option was only limited to Boys. But, Now Government of India has given chance to women's to participate and be a Fighter Pilot. Its good that Women's too can participate in it, they too have same rights know? Its good decision which Defence Minister has taken. Both are equal and they should be given same opportunities too. For most of us, its like a dream to be pilot and Be a Fighter Pilot is some thing extraordinary. Training is Tough because they are trained to be ready in every situation and Serve the Nation to that extend. You must be thinking its very easy and Life of Officer is normal one, Than No its not true. I know this person as I have heard the story, Sorry not story, life of training officers. Let, me be more clear and say that 'Life at Academy' Right? Now, you must have got idea what am I going to talk about? You must be knowing about Capt. Raghu Raman?? People belonging from Army and Air force must be knowing about him. If not, Don't worry just search on Internet you will get to know about him. I was also not knowing about him, Until I saw him in 'Josh Talks', His life lessons How Army transforms a Person into a True leader are things which we should learn from them. When I heard it, It was some thing far beyond my thinking. Never Complain about small things- Life has more to show and you begin to complain from now itself than How will you deal the problem. He said that when he went to academy, their were 1st-yr, 2nd-yr and 3rd-yr students trained in Academy. What happened when he went to Academy their was issue that 3rd-yr use to take away all biscuits and their was nothing left for 1st and 2nd-yr students. He was kind of new and had leadership quality. So, he complained to his Coach and than the Coach made all 3rd-yrs to row in line and made their life hell. All push up, front roll, back roll till Evening. Than, 3rd-yr called 2nd-yr and did same to them. Than, 2nd-yr called 1st-yr and did same till than it was morning 4a.m, So it teaches us that never complain for small things like biscuit and tea. So, you can understand it How difficult it is??           

"Bharatiya Vayu Sena" was established in the Country on October 8, 1932 by the British EmpireRecently, India has received 26 Rafale Aircraft till date out of 36 Rafale Fighter Jets at a cost of around Rs58,000 crore. Fighter Planes which India has recently purchased from France.

I am very Glad to have Indian Air Force in my Country. The arms with no restriction has opportunity to fly in Sky its like Bird with Wings to Fly. Their are many countries who don't have Armed Forces. Don't know what is the reason for it?? If you know it than do share your comments!!!

I belong from Air Force Background as my father was in IAF. My father was posted in AFA Dundigal and I did my 12th from their. My father has seen it from very close How new candidates are trained to become a Flying Officer. Passing Out Parade which has been happening their and I went their Once. That feeling that you are now trained and Ready to fly in sky, taking oath to serve the Nation in any condition. Its something very different and special for aspirant. 

But, Its not that easy to come into that level, their is one written exam, medical exam, interview and many rounds. Than, you get selected and trained. Its training is not less than Do 'or' Die !!! That proud you feel when your name is called on stage as OFFICER. I too desired to go But, after seeing its not like HALUA I step down. And, its not only that NAME and Fame, you have to be ON DUTY 24hrs, anytime if its WAR you have to be their. If you are true Patriotic than only attempt it.

Our brave Soldiers always ready to take Risk and Sacrifice their Life. Either, its War, Jung, Rescue Operation or Natural Calamity. It's always our armed forces who extended their hand. Either it is 'Kargil War' with Pakistan or Flood in Kerala(2018), its always our Air Warriors who has rescued our country's people. Recently, floods in Tirupati Andhra Pradesh was a challenge in front of us. But, our Armed forces played a vital role in recue operation and distributing food to people. 

There are many Great 'Veer' who did a lot for our Nation, whether its Cap. Vikram Batra, Lieutenant Balwan Singh, Major Vivek Gupta, Colonel Santosh Babu, Sepoy Ojha- who were killed during a clash with Chinese Troops(Galwan Valley). 40 Soldiers killed in the Pulwama attack. List is very long and Probably not end. Recently, Our Nation has lost CDS Bipin Rawat. The man force behind Uri-The Surgical Strike which took place secretly and was a success. Their is a movie on it. I have seen it. 

How terrorist occupied areas across Line of Control and Indian soldiers crossed LOC, to give them answer- If you have spirit fight from front Not from behind. It was the answer of Pulwama Attack. It is answer to terrorist attacks happening in Kashmir. And, In this war our thousand soldiers lost their life. That, incident in which His wife and other officers too lost life as Helicopter got crashed. Live your life happily we don't know what happens next second:)

These soldiers are awarded with 'Ashoka Chakra' and 'Param Vir Chakra'. India's highest Peacetime Military Award. Our Nation has always paid Tribute to our brave Heroes and never forget what they did.  

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