The Greatest Sin is To Think Yourself Weak!!!!

 Swami Vivekananda said "If faith in ourselves is more extensively, taught and practiced, I am Sure a very large portion of evils and miseries, that we have would have vanished". What we are discussing is to think oneself as Weak, but when does one think oneself as weak, is when we are down, but this phase is the real test of character. How many of you think you are weak??? Am I weak??? Why do you think like that??? Do I look weak from outside??? I have to prove one day it That I am not weak from inside??? What ever you think I am not like that?? I have to prove myself!! Share your comments what you feel from inside??? Don't forget it?? One thing which we should always learn from life is from our own mistakes, If you don't accept your fault than you can never move forward!!! How many agree from my lines??? Do share your comments here!!! One thing which I have seen in people is that they never accept their mistake. Its fine everyone does mistakes. No one is made in world who don't do mistake. But, if you accept and learn from it is what the real meaning of it is. Never think that you are Weak, If you keep this impression under your mind that you can never Win in life. Before, Starting the race itself if you have set in your mind that you will lose than no one can let you win, Until you yourself have that confidence that you will win it How much Difficult it is? I will win it. Always, keep that positive attitude ways will open own its own.    

There are many moments in life also when I use to feel That I am weak But, life doesn't remain constant. And, their are many times when I use to feel strong. Its just emotion and Nothing else. In life we have to go through every phase of it. Either, its up and down, fallback 'or' Standup, Sad 'or' Happiness. I am not an astrology predicting anything about life, Just the way I think about life. But, I am happy that I came out of it No, I have seen many people who go through break down in their life and gets stuck in it. Do share your life challenges and How did you handled it in comment section??? 

What ever the situation is their in life we have to be mentally and physically strong, be calm and way will come by itself. Have you ever seen the life of IITians??? The amount of pressure given to them is like life in Hell!!! Most of kids even ended up their life because of it. When Life tests you, It makes you shiver from inside, makes you cry, you will be left with no option. Don't worry its not only you others have also gone through it But, they didn't broke and worked for better. I too cried in my bad phase of life but, moved it. My teacher even said you will not able to do it leave it and sit in home, No I worked upon it. Their was one more teacher who said how did you got admission here??? Go and get admission some where else ?? But, I improved and did. Do share your life story here people in comment section!!!

Usually, we feel we are strongest, when we are going through highs, we feel we are weak when going through the lows. Both the emotions are wrong and misrepresents the truth. You know when just born baby starts to Walk, Its so difficult for him to stand, maintain balance and walk some steps, Than again he falls down. But, he never give up and learns to Walk. At, beginning every thing is difficult but, as you learn it becomes easier and more easier. So, Never lose that Hope.   

Rather when going through bad or low phase, one should always feel strong and remind oneself that he has battled many a battle and will win over this phase too, plus its a challenge which every one has to face in life. See my life example from last 1yr I am sitting in home not earning what do you think its easy for me to leave in home??? My parents don't scold me??? Don't they say me get marry ???? Its their in my life too!!! But, I didn't breakdown. I have been applying for government exams But, not able to clear it??? Its not a challenge for me??? Its a challenge for me??? I will also Earn Like Others Not Early Like Them But Soon:)

Sometimes, we are Critical of even the Almighty but we fail to accept that his decision is for our own good and betterment, hence its the time to feel stronger. From, last 1yr my mother is saying me to get marry and I am just 22 right now. I have been always arguing with them, But what ever they say is for my good only. They said you can continue your studies and job after marriage also we will support you. Some times we don't understand others decision but it is good for us.

Similarly, when we are at high we are more prone to make mistakes; Sometimes our vision is blurred by the brightness and glitter the success brings to our life, its difficult to stand firm and unaffected by the glory and rewards. 

In life, we have countless examples where high and mighty had a huge success or terrible falls but folklores or made of people who come back like sphinx and re-write their own success stories. 

Weakness in itself is not a crime, it is not a disease and it is not a calamity, until we fail to accept it, work towards it and try to overcome it to maximum, God has created humans, with weakness as well as strength but has left to the humans to overcome it and strengthen our strength. 

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