Losers Quit When they Fail, Winners Fail Until They Succeed!!

People who are able to sustain their success in their life and career are no doubt more prepared and more pragmatic, they act not react. It is not that life does not throw them challenges, situations and difficulties, only these people are better prepared.     

The very logical and relevant examples of this are in present world, students preparing for IIT-JEE, Medical entrance or IAS exams, the successful candidates who have qualified in one shot are few, and far in between, it means they are hugely talented, hard working and focused but people who have cleared in few more attempts are mentally stronger and tougher as they have withstand failures, poor mental and financial constrains, ridicule and criticism of all to win over their challenges and conquer the unconquerable. What is inevitable in life is to face test, challenges and calamities, we all human have to face them in equal measures, be it king or pauper, all have to face the wrath and turbulence of time, but only those who survive are the ones who are well prepared. Are you well prepared for it?? To face this Storm??? Yes 'or' No??? If you are prepared than what is your preparation strategy?? Do you have any backup??? Will it Work??? What do you think??? Does it make any sense in it??? Yes 'or' No???? Do share your comments here ??? Your full plan strategy???   

 In this RACE they forget everything FRIENDS, FAMILY, HEALTH. I gave JEE exam not able to clear it. Not well prepared for it?? Because of which not able to clear it?? These are kids who have done coaching without it they would not have cleared it. They go KOTA to clear IIT-JEE exam to get government seat. Today, In every home we can see Engineer. Pressure is important in life, But it shouldn't be cause of risk. Their would be failure's in life but don't quit it. Its time when you have to prove it.

      Losers Quit When they Fail, Winners Fail Until They Succeed!!

  Why is failure important for Success??

What make them stand out is the following:

1. They accepted their failures, which is most important to achieve success.

2. They never blamed anyone else for their failures, not got depressed.

3. They learned and accepted there is a better way to prepare, so they can get coveted success.

4. They gave their all again and gain till they achieved it.

Its famous story of Karoly Takacs !!! You must have heard it??? The man with only left hand won Gold Medal that too 2 times in Olympic!!! He changed History with his record. You can believe it??? Its true Real Life Story !!!! His right hand was badly injured because of grenade. But, he wanted to continue shooting. He made his left hand best shooting hand of World. And, he succeeded in it. Their could be reason to leave his shooting because of hand, But he didn't focussed on what is not their with him, He concentrated on what is left with him !!!! 

Many of us keep crying for what has went, The one who wants to succeed doesn't do that. He finds different ways to achieve something in his life and don't think of difficulties. He take it as challenge and works upon it. Their are many reasons to not do, But, If you want to do than one reason is enough. And, you will do it. This is what we call Attitude. Loser will quit seeing a Obstacle, But winner will keep on failing until he wins!! Best example is in front of us i.e Karoly. He could have quit but, he didn't do that!!!

Thus the first thing they had to do was to plan, if the plan is not Right or appropriate, just execution can never be good enough to give desired result, also if the plan is not accurate then execution will leave something untouched. Its right to say, we can say it can be done like this 'or' that, But until we go through it we can't say what is the desired outcome. For that we have to test it, experience it and try it, without it we can't say about it. From outside we can say Balloon is filled with chocolates But, when a balloon is burst than only we get to know what is their inside it??? 

I have my own leg and hand !! I won't ask for others instead DO it my self !!! When you are educated and well trained you expect other to earn money and give you Why can't you do Job for your Expenses ??? Luck will come by its own you will not work hard LUCK will also not come to you !!! We all have that within us but not able to see that !! We have to see it and work for it !!! Don't wait for luck !!! Luck is only with person who has good destiny !!! Each one of us don't have !! Other wise we would have staying in road !! If father didn't work hard and expected others to do for him !!! Learn from them and change you self !! Because only you can change your self and no one can do it !!! 

Any one who has prepared a plan in right place at least knows the destination and will make more scientific and strategic effort to reach the destination.

Compare this with a person who is working hard but without prepared plan, his efforts will not only be chaotic but also will be full of loose ends, as he will have something or other missing from his list of things to do or things to cover. I brought all my IAS books 3 yr back thought of clearing it, But now I have no plans How to study?? Right plan for study??? Strategy to clear toughest exam??? Will I clear it 'or' Not??? How many chances are their left to clear it??? It seems like I have failed in it without giving exam??? How many are preparing for Civil Services Exams ???? Do share your comments!!! I am one of them, From last 1yr I have been sitting in home because of it.

     Losers Quit When they Fail, Winners Fail Until They Succeed!!

Why is failure important for Success??

This person will also succeed and also will do well but when a person with plan works hard, he has more settled approach, more stability, more fall back on his plan and hence the chances improves to be successful.    

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