Does God-Exists or Not?

Around the World, people are following different religion and worship the God. Either, Ma Durga, Shiva, Hanuman, Vishnu, Ganesha, Sarasvati, Indra, Kali, Krishna, Brahma, Jesus, Allah, Ar-Raheem and AI-Quddoos etc. I don't want to question to God that Whether you Exist 'or' Not?? Its like Insult for my God. I know that its still a kind of some Mystery that God live with us 'or' Where do the God live?? I just wanted to see the 'House of God'. Where it is located?? Do you know than share it in comment box too so that we can too visit it. Do share your comments Guys about this. Have you heard about 'Kailash Gufa' where 'Shiv Mandir' is located?? Did you hear about it??? Yes 'or' No??? Do share it in Comment Box. Can you tell me, Who build this Mandir in Kailash Gufa?? Its still Mystery and Answer is not revealed to anyone. Do you know Who is Stephen Hawking?? What was his belief about God?? Do you know that?? He was a Scientist and His theories from Black hole to Big Bang are exceptional. As, per Stephen Hawking He say their is No God. Its his conception about God. He has written in his book 'God doesn't exits'. It was his belief upon God. I believe in God Because I think God exist. If you think God doesn't exist than You won't believe in God. Because, Its your thinking. In, normal words- I wanted to say It depends upon you How you think? And, Believe upon it. If you think God is their Than for you even a stone statue is Symbol of God. If you don't believe than stone statue is just a statue. And, you won't worship it. You won't even go temple to pray God. Most of us go to temple to ask wish from God. And, its linked with Good luck. Do you know Buddha?? He was known as Siddhartha Gautama. When he decided to leave his Family and go in search of truth to reach ultimately Moksha. He started to gather groups and teach people about Wisdom of God. Their were many of his devotees who asked him 'Did God Exist'?? In morning he use to say God is not their and In afternoon he use to say, God is their every where, In our body, In our Heart and Environment. Next day, again He said same. It all depends upon you How to take things and Think about it. I have seen many people in Temple, They pour milk on Shivling. Why??? Because, they believe its good and God will shower positive energy on them. That's their way to think and understand it. And, that's reason they believe in God. I believe in God. For me what ever Good happens in my life is all God behind it, and I am very thankful to God for always supporting me, Showing the right path. Most of time I get confused which is the right one I choose, Its always God who has been with me. I believe God is their with me Every Time. Today, also I am very confused about my marriage which person is good and I will be happy with, I know God will show me the correct path and solve this problem too.                                                                                                 

        Does God-Exists or Not?

Whether, It is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian. Each religion has its own Lord name. People around the World, believe in God and Worship it.                        

But, there are still many people across the world who are ATHEIST. That means, Question of God Existence!! Do you still have doubt whether God exist 'or' not??? As per you, What is God ??? Oh God!!! Sorry for asking these types of question !!!! Do you believe in God ??? I do believe in God !!! I think this humanity is created by God!!! NO, its not my thinking their are proofs that GOD exist in Historical scripts. I have seen many videos on you tube which shows how God came on Earth and went.      

One of the proof in front of us is Ram Setu. What do you think How does this Stone float on Water??? Did man created this bridge?? 'OR' It was built by God Ram??? Do you have any answer for it?? If you have than share in comment section !!!          

Leave about this, What about Krishna's Dwarka??? There are many evidence that Krishna came on Earth stayed for 1000yrs. It can be found on West coast of Gujarat in India. Recently, In Ayodhya below Babri Masjid evidence of a Ram Temple are discovered. Now, what you would say about this??? Still you have confusion that God exist 'or' Not??? Do share your comments !!! 

      Does God-Exists or Not?

Its their own beliefs and perceptions, Who don't believe in God. Everyone, has their own Rights to believe it or not and do so. Its our wish to believe 'or' Not, Our choice and what to say ??? When ever I loose hope my mother use to say me God is with you go ahead!!!! Take God's blessing before you go for exam??? When ever something good happen with you what do you think it was Your Luck, Destiny, Hard work 'or' God's Grace on you??? Don't forget to share your comments!!!  

How many have seen this Hindi movie Oh My God???? Do share your comments!! I have seen it. Akshay Kumar has played role of God in it. Where an earthquake has destroyed atheist shop he decides to case a file against God !!! But, God Krishna shows him direction and he gets to know truth, his faith is restored upon god. I loved the movie. What do you think this NATURAL CALAMITY IS MADE BY GOD 'or' Its because of human activities???? Do share your comments!!! 

There are many movies based upon existence of God like-Oh MY God! OMG(Hindi), The Miracle Maker(2000), Son of Man(2006) and Mary Magdalene(2018)etc. Mahabharata and Ramayana are they true 'OR' Just a story??? What do you think did it took place ??? Their are incidence that it took place and is real !!!! Jesus exist 'or' Not??? I don't know as I am not Christian !! But, Bible says he did?? I don't know what the truth is?? If you know than do share here !!!! Sorry to God that I am questioning about their existence!!!!! Please God forgive me !!! 

       Does God-Exists or Not?

Whether God Exists or Not, all the answers of questions can be found in Bible, Khuran and Bhagavad Gita.   

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