Why Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail ?

"I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, diligence, and the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time"-Charles Dickens.

'By failing to prepare , you are preparing to fail'. It is true that if you do not set goals beforehand or plan ahead in life, you cannot succeed in life. 

     Why Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail ?

Life in itself is a preparation for many a battles. Life is always a battle field and only the ones who wins, remains in the memory, fable, story and legends of the people, from generation to generations, passed on as folklores. Did we meet Alexander the Great, Hercules, Tarzan, but we heard so many fascinating stories about them, did we meet Akbar, Rana Pratap or Ashoka, still we talk about their Heroics. In life we have seen, heard, and read its only one person who started a journey towards a goal, changed whole discourse of the world, from Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela . we have long list of people , but I will not go deep into that. I will rather talk about passion, heart and things we can do. See we have people from history who are proof that The thing which you think is Impossible is possible and you can do it if you are alone itself !! These names are prove that its not you facing it they faced it and even succeeded in it. And, we keep on blaming others for our problems !! If today you didn't clear exam was it me ?? It was you how well you was prepared for it and how you wrote exam??? You didn't prepare and blaming me for your failures !!! That's why a reason in Government Schools when ever a student don't do home work he is punished by teacher !! Because, Teacher understands in one line that child is making excuse and Telling lie!! But, In home its not like that kids are given everything what ever they want and This destroys their habit !! That's reason most of parents put child to hostel from 1st class itself !! Most of parents even put their child in boarding school !!!      

I do want to emphasize on the fact that these individuals remain etched in our memory for their success and for their bravery but for also never giving up while facing hardships and situations which were beyond their control, we prepare to tackle the inevitable to win and conquer over them. We love to see all the 4 seasons, that is God's way of telling us, the time to change , the change that is evident, even when we plant the tree, it takes us a full cycle to see it grow. If you want to ' be the change that you want to see in others' than stop giving excuses, don't think about it. We all have a reason set before a problem !! Don't be afraid at first step itself Still The Mountain is their to fear you !!! Time will change It won't stop for you !!! But, If you stop than your whole life will be at ONE STATION OF TRAIN. Climb Train and Keep moving like it !! 

      Why Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail ?

Those who believe its all destiny are correct partially, we should give our share of toil, labour and sweat to prove to ourselves that, we deserve this success and also we have earned it. Even if we are not successful then also we can at least take solace from the fact we have tried our best and we could have not done anything better. Even a small plant grows up within few months But, If you Put a full stop than Your whole life will be at one stop only. Don't be like stone which is at one place Be like Water which goes and meet River !!! Its your wish to sit for whole life in home 'Or' Go and do some Job !! And live life happily !! With self respect and proud !!!    

There are many people who have succeeded suddenly and then failed to live up to expectations, many might feel they are flash in the pans, it is not the case then they would not have succeeded in the bigger stage, this is a classic case of  "Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail".

If you don't prepare well for exam than its obvious that you will fail in it. Its not only in examination hall, If you don't do rehearsal in advance than you won't be able to perform good on Stage, Its not only this, If you don't cook food properly it will give bad taste. In life we have to be prepared for each and every thing. Either, its just Exam 'or' Decision?? That is why it is said LIFE IS A BATTLE. Those who prepare for it SURVIVE and other's Don't. It will Take Time Be Patient Don't do Hurry this is the First Rule of Life. I have failed in many exams its truth which I accepted and Did best next time.   

In 10th class I scored 8.4 CGPA and took Physic, Chemistry and Maths in 11th class. In beginning It was so difficult for me to learn theorem and proofs in Physics. Calculus part of Maths was something never seen before. I got 60% in 11th class. In chemistry I got 35mark in my final exam, I managed to pass to next class. When I went in 12th class my teacher said you are going to give board exam with 33marks??? What you have studied in 11class?? My teachers focussed on me, they worked hard for me to get good marks, And I scored 71% in 12th class with 85marks in Physics and 76mark in Chemistry. They appreciated me. And, This is how I got interest in physic and chemistry. You will not believe it its true MY LIFE STORY. This was turning point in my life!! If you too have turning point in your life than Do share here !!!


       Why Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail ?

The best part of life, that it is not static and it does not come with any syllabi, we complain when we are not able to make the best of an opportunity, this is the reason, we should always be prepared and we should always have plan A,B or C, many a times destiny has bigger things stored for us, than we can ever think of.  

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