How do you Eradicate Inequality Among Different Communities ?

A kind of Role Play, in which students are divided into groups. A group of 10 students perform role play upon topic- Eradicate Inequality Among Different Communities. In, which 4 students play a part of poor children belonging from Dalit Caste. 3 students play a part of children belonging from Higher Caste. A Teacher and School were all students study.  

How many have participated in Role play???? Do share your comments !!! When I did my teacher training their I was given work to conduct activity and role play. So, I made my 7th class students to do. I was surprised that they have such Great Idea to Play and Acted so well. Different characters and moral of it is so good.

     How do you Eradicate Inequality Among Different Communities ?

Scene-I: Where all students come to school from different background. There are separate chairs and table for students belonging to upper caste, students belonging to lower caste were made to sit on floor. Students from Dalit had to clean school yard, classroom and benches. 

Scene-II: One day a child who was cleaning school yard, got hurt in his leg. Next day, he was not able to sit on floor due to his leg injury. when he asked the teacher to allow him to sit with upper caste students, teacher refused. Instead of which she provided a separate chair and table for him at one side of corner. On seeing this, his other friends from Dalit community started to oppose but teacher didn't listen to them and gave punishment. 

  How do you Eradicate Inequality Among Different Communities ?

Scene-III: When parents came to know about this incident, they decided to meet the teacher. Teacher said these system are followed by society and she can't do anything.

Scene-IV: One day, teacher was teaching a chapter related to 'Struggles for Equality'. In which, she came to know about inequality and discrimination towards people from Economically Backward Classes. In one side of page, picture of A.P.J Abdul Kalam beside it, it was written President of India. Belonging from Dalit Community.

Scene-V: Same day, teacher went home, she wanted to know more about Abdul Kalam. As he was belonging from poor community and was President of India. How was this possible. Teacher started to search information about Kalam. His childhood to college and changes he brought in the society, how he became 'Scientist to President'. 

From that moment, teacher realized what she was doing in class was wrong, discriminating students belonging from different communities. She decided to create awareness among people. Next day, she made all students to sit together and taught them about this new chapter.

Their are many incidence of discrimination in news. Still, this old myth exists in School and villages. Its not only school their are many places where girls and women are not allowed to enter temple. One of example is Sabarimala Temple where females are not allowed inside it. Its old tradition where girls are understood as impure and not allowed to enter. I don't want to talk more about it. Their must be some reason behind this. If I have said some wrong sorry to GOD!!! Do share your comment about it and What you feel??? Its not only this moment, when I was in school I too have seen teacher differentiating and doing partiality among students. I have seen in my own class when my friend didn't do home, Teacher didn't scold her that much. But, when I forgot to do homework she use to scold me a lot and complain to my parents. I knew that I was not good in studies But, my teacher could have not done that inequality between me and my friends. And, one more thing which I noticed while teaching in class , My teacher use to focus more on my friends not on me. Especially, In exams and any class test my teacher use to give her more marks than me. I know she must have wrote paper well. But, when I compared my answer copy with my friends answer copy I noticed that my answer was better than her. Than, also she got more marks than me. Why???? Question is of Why??? Its not only my case I have seen in many schools teacher even leak Question paper to students so that they score good marks than other students. Which is called Japulisi in my hindi language. Impressing teachers so that they give good marks in assignment and projects. This tussle for more marks is seen in every class among many friends and best friends. But, I think teacher are the one who educates our younger generation so they should always guide child in correct way not on the path of Gaining respect from others so that you can get more marks. If you perform well than you will Automatically get that respect and marks. Without hard work you can't even enjoy that success.   

I am inspired by his life, Struggles of his life, How he did schooling and got admission into Engineering College in madras. Belonged from Muslim community, facing discrimination and everything, He became Missile Man of INDIA!!!! He is not only Missile Man But, became Scientist, 11th president of India, Teacher and Author!! At last moment of his life he was giving lecture at IIM-Shillong. His passion for teaching was undesirable. He is true inspiration for me. Just I didn't got that chance to see him in my life and didn't heard his lecture. In internet its available and I can see it. No, I have heard some of his speech. In one of his speech I have heard that- Through Hard work you can achieve anything, for that achievement you have to work hard and keep on working hard until you achieve it. His Ideologies of life are way level up. His lesson's of life are motivation for me. His passion for teaching can never end. And, Is never die spirit. This is called true devotee of Teacher. It was him who thought of Girls getting marry at age of 25yr. Recently, Government of India has changed the age of girl getting marry at 18yrs to 21yrs. He wanted Girls to get marry at age when they are matured enough to take decision and Able to handle responsibility of home.          
 GOD, has made everyone equal and we are no one to do inequality.  

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