Connecting with India-The North East !!!

India is a land of many riches. With diversified ecology, culture, languages spoken, festivals celebrated and food. India stands as one of the most colorful and assorted Country. With a beautiful and divergent landscape and heritage, still some of the gems of the country are hidden. One of such gems is the undiscovered North East of India.      

How many are from North East part of India??? Do share your comments!!! I have heard that they look like Chinese and very much different from us, Their language I can't understand and the food they have I don't know about it?? I have seen many videos in which Chinese people have raw food, snake and cockroach??? Is it true??? I don't know how they eat it??? I am so Afraid of cockroach and people eat COCKROACH??? In my bad dreams also I can't think of eating it?? Sorry for those who love eating it!!! Its just my point of view So, don't feel bad!!! Everyone has different perspective and thoughts!! How many love it 'OR' Not ?? Do share comments!!! Don't forget People.

 Bordering China, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh, it is connected to the rest of India by a narrow 20 km corridor of land. Popularly called as the 'Seven Sister States' or the 'Paradise unexplored', it is a name given to the contiguous states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Meghalaya and Tripura. Each state has Unique Features. There was a time when China occupied some places of Arunachal Pradesh. But, we Indian's never lead this happen and Our forces fought and occupied it back. There must be some reason because of which China wanted to occupy and Rule over it. These places are very valuable and we can't let other Countries to Rule over our Places. Its wrong know. You have your own boundary than also snatching my Part of Country. Its not only Part, People are staying their, we are attached to it. I know many of us must not visited it but, our Ancestor have stayed their and Culture, Religion is attached to it. That's reason which makes our Country Diverse and Unique from Other Countries. Any How, we can't understand the language but, than also we respect its Religion. Its our part and Constitution has even given rights to it. Border Issue has been common from History. In, Sikkim also it took place, In 1967 clash between Indian and Chinese troop took place at borders of Sikkim that is Nathu la and Cho La incident. Chinese troop attacked Soldiers of India, Only few Indian Soldiers were their than also We Won. Brave Heroes whatever the situation is, Either its cold, hot or Snowfall than also they guard our Country. So, that we live safely. I should be saluting to their Brave and Courage Actions. Most of us can't even tolerate this Snow climate, But they are the only one who stands in Snow for 24hrs to protect our Country from Terrorist and Safe guard it from our Enemies. Its not only Indian Soldiers who sacrifice their family, home and everything for their Duty. Soldiers of Each Country have put the same effort and Protecting their land from Ancient Time. Their Job is also not the easy one. I have been listening in News, How many soldiers lost their life at border and their Family is left in tears. Never, forgot you was joined in Arm forces to serve this Nation and If You have to give your life than also don't step back.               

Assam is the densely populated state that occupies the lowlands of the Brahmaputra Valley. With rich flora and fauna, waterfalls and tea gardens. Assam has more to offer apart from its stimulating festivals and fairs. My father was their in Guwahati when he was posted their. He went to Kamakhya Temple. I didn't visit their, I Will Visit Someday In My Life!!

Arunachal Pradesh is termed as the 'Land of Rising Sun' and allures with its captivating wood-locks, enchanting plateaus and deep dales. It also beckons many adventure freaks. Himalayas, it attracts tourists because of its Buddhist monasteries and influences. Bordering Assam and Nagaland. 

Meghalaya- The wettest region of the world and is covered with pine clad hills and lakes. Vibrant sunrise and sunset and a rich war history. Nagaland has a lot to attract tourists. Manipur is the 'land of Jewels', located in between the hilly ranges and providing the most bewildering and bewitching views.

Mizoram and Tripura are lovely and fascinating with rich folklore, virgin terrains and spectacular views of the hills and valleys

Sikkim- Bordered by Nepal, China and Bhutan to the east. It is least populous state in India and the second-smallest state after Goa. Sikkim is geographically diverse due to its location in Himalayas. Kangchenjunga, the world's third-highest peak, is located on Sikkim's border with Nepal. It is also popular tourist destination because of its culture, scenery and biodiversity. 

I have never been their But, I will go to tourist places and See the Beauty of Nature !!!
In my school, their was one of my classmate she was from Sikkim. She was very white and white Her skin color don't think it in other sense. I asked her why did you come here to study she said she got selected and gets scholarship from government. So, she came here to study. One thing which I like it That government of India has not discriminated the North East part of India and given equal opportunities for them too. With scholarship too !!! I was not able to learn their language And they use to speak in Hindi.

Being one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse regions of the country, each state boasts of its distinct culture and traditions. The region houses one-horned rhinos, elephants and endangered wildlife species. The North- East is also seat to many small and large scale industries that are tea-based, silk, bamboo handicrafts, crude oil and natural gas. Tea estates of Assam are world famous.  

This land of paradise is still unexplored and needs proper exposure to bring hidden glory of our country so that we can truly prove India is truly God's own country.   

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