Father of Our Nation 'Bapu' !!!

Father of the Nation. People use to call him 'Bapu'. Born in Gujarat, was Political leader and lawyer by profession. 'Mahatma Gandhi' without his efforts India wouldn't be 'Independent' today. Lawyer degree from London. Moved to South Africa. There he got to knew about people's differences, discrimination, inequality and did campaign for Civil Rights. I know he was such a great leader than Why was he assassinated?? What was the reason which made 'Nathuram Godse' to shot Gandhi in front of Public?? He could have killed him in alone where no one could have seen him, Why did he choose to kill him in front of Others?? If you know the answer than share it in comment box. Don't forget it People. In his Death Sentence, He said that he was not happy with Gandhi's support for Muslim and Formation of Pakistan for Muslim Community. The main cause was partition of India and Pakistan. Nathuram Godse belonged from Hindu Community and he was against the Gandhi's support for Muslim. I know its not only Partition, During Partition lakhs of people migrated from India to Pakistan and Pakistan to India. In which lakhs of people lost their life because of Border Issue. It was not only border issue, You know at Night of 14th August 1947, When people were shifting people within the Country became Blood Thirsty of people who were entering and leaving the country, Situation was same in Both sides of Country. In this incident lakhs of people were killed and went on missing. So, that was What Nathuram Godse thought 'If Hindustan was not divided into two Countries these types of situation would not have occurred. We all think in different way and It is justified in our place, If you go and keep your view point to others it won't be justified. They may think differently and Outcome will be different It can't match with our thinking.             

His Journey did began from their. He saw How people are discriminated on skin color??  Discrimination between Black & White people??? Its not only This people have been facing a lot their, It could be some reason people of Africa are So Black, It may be because of environment condition, temperature 'or' climate of their. But, we shouldn't make fun of them and Develop Racism among them. It was Gandhi who started campaign and Did protest for their Rights. He was send to Jail for creating Non-violent movements. Gandhi while travelling to South Africa was thrown away from train as per their rules and order. Being Black in color he was forced to get off train. Humiliation through which he under gone made him to Stand as Political leader.

His 3 Monkeys Quotes are World Famous. 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil'. How many follow it in true sense??? Do share your comments. There was one more Quote which Gandhi use to say-If someone slaps you on one side of face than show other side of your face. How many are like this when your mother slaps You, You show other side of your face??? I know its very rare anyone do this??? I myself don't do this !!! But, its meaning is not that, If someone thinks you are calm and silent than show what you are in reality. How many don't see bad things???   

I know their are very few. If everyone would have followed this than our World would have been free from Corruption, Sexual Harassment and crime happening in Society. How many don't speak evil??? Its very rare to be possible because we never think before speaking, will it hurt others feeling-We didn't care about it?? Is it correct??? Yes 'or' No?? Do share your comments!! Many times I too had misbehaved with my mother later on I realised it was my fault and accepted it. How many found it was their own mistake and said Sorry??? Many may be thinking it is against their pride and they can't bend in front of others??? Is it??? Do share your comments!!! 

When, he came to India he saw how Britishers where treating and discriminating Indian people, from here historic turn in Indian History. Gandhi started movements for Indians right. He did Salt Satyagraha, British had imposed salt tax and farmers were against it, Gandhi along with farmers did "Dandi March" to Sabarmati, Gujarat at Sea Coast and salt was prepared by evaporation of sea water. He was send to Jail many times but his thoughts were clear and he made Britishers to Quit India. He started the campaign Quit India Movement.

 In elections Sardar Patel was elected as Prime Minister But, Gandhi made Nehru as Prime Minister of India??? Do you know what is the reason behind it??? If you know it than Do share in comment section!!! There are many reason Gandhi did this But, he didn't let it come in front of media. He didn't wanted that Nehru & Patel to fight among themselves. Patel was very close friend of Gandhi and Gandhi knew that Patel would not have any objection against his action. Patel became 1st Deputy Prime Minister of India. 

Do you know why Gandhi didn't wore any 'Kurta' on his Body??? Except, Dhoti and shawl??? He saw how poor people didn't even had food to eat and clothes to wear. He took decision to wear only Dhoti and shawl from their itself and Started to work with them. How can he wear different clothes If he has to work with them???  

It was at that time, when 3-Revolutionaries 'Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev' were hang to deathDue to this incident, Mahatma Gandhi was under pressure to Gain Independence from Britishers. People started to boycott British goods, schools, colleges, professions and started Swadeshi goods. (Non-Cooperation Movement).

It was his Thinking to achieve freedom from British in Non-violent way, and it did Work. His aim to Unite people of India(Hindustan) was successful. Britishers did create difference among Hindu-Muslim people. Later Hindustan was partitioned into India and Pakistan. Around 5 lakh people were killed while crossing borders, from India to Pakistan and Pakistan to India. Without, Mahatma Gandhi's leadership India wouldn't have gained freedom and Britishers would have been Ruling the Country.   

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