Why is there a Water Shortage ?

 70% of our earth is covered with water. That means, their should be no shortage of Water. But, still their is no water to drink. Only, 3% of the water is fresh, out of which two-third is in the form of glaciers. Every Single day 100 children die, because of unsafe drinking water. Most of the fresh water available in rivers, lakes and ponds are polluted by industrial wastes. Toxic and Chemical are released in ponds which directly impure the water. Do you know the place where I live their is a lot of water shortage that is in Bangalore. I have done my schooling to graduation here. Amount of water which is supplied in Government Quarters is not sufficient to fulfil the water requirements. Shortage of water is common here. In cities its very common to see these problems. Where as If you stay in your own home, You must be having motor in your home so, its not a problem. In schools and villages, where their is poor water facilities, no proper sanitation has lead to water-borne diseases. Due to which small children and kids are affected by it. 1oooth of children are being victim of Cholera, Typhoid fever and Polio. It can harm skin and cause eye infection. I have seen children's at small age wearing specs and without glasses can't even see far objects clearly. Usually, eye blindness should not affect children's at young age. But, If it is than parents should care about it. This is not only problem with water diseases, If water is left some where open from several months than different variety of mosquitoes which borne over their and causes Dengue and fever is known to each one of us. So, we should keep our surrounding clean and See if water is not collected and kept for several months. Many people have habit to collect water from rain in buckets, keep it for many months unused and Water starts to develop virus and bacteria in it. Its good that people are doing Rain Water Harvesting. But, one thing which we should keep in mind that water should be purified and used within certain period of time. Other wise it may develop many disease and Fungus in it. Which may be harmful for health.                


            Why is there a Water Shortage ?

Water-borne diseases which makes people fall ill. Typhoid fever, cholera and diarrhea. Diarrhea is the 2nd leading cause of death for children under the age of five. Causing more childhood deaths.  Billions of people are facing water shortage, no water for their basic needs. People are facing WATER SCARCITY. 

Sometimes I feel if their was no water that How was the life??? Even animals, bird and insect need water without it they can't survive!! I have lived in society where their was water shortage I can't forget those day's!!! I was very small at that time around 8yrs and we didn't had our own home at that time we were living on rent. We were in Bangalore.  

In Bangalore WATER IS NOT LESS THAN GOLD. House owner gave water only twice a day one in morning and other at evening. Their were days when their was no water to go bathroom and toilet. Now, you can get idea how we stayed at that time. In morning 5'o clock water use to come and we had to stand in line to fill our buckets. Even in states like Rajasthan where their is no water to drink. Especially, In desert places where people have to travel large distance to fill bucket and come back home. I am talking about villages in Rajasthan where their is No water facility and Government has also not initiated some work over their. China has turned desert to forest land So, Can't we do water arrangement in Desert places?? Government should do something so that people in Rajasthan can too live a Normal life like other people. I can't forget those days. How many have faced this problem??? Do share your comments !!! Any how now we have our own house and their is no water problem. At least we are staying as we want not in others home.   

I still remember the day in hostel when water didn't come for 1 day and we had to go college, Than, Water Truck came and we had to stand in long queue for our turn to come. I didn't took bath and Just brushed my teeth went to college. Ask the person who have stayed in such situation What is the value of Water??? What do you think which value does water deserves in your life??? Do share your comments!!!

Due to climate change or other factors, like no rain- no water to harvest crops droughts have been continuous. Places like- Sub Saharan Africa, Nevada, New Mexico, Angola, Chennai, Karnataka, and Jaipur have been facing WATER CRISIS. Due to increased urbanization and massive population growth, the quality of water has decreased and people have been facing acute water shortages. Water is not available inside ground.

Water is an essential element for survival, if their is no water on earth than how will people survive.

Today, what we are facing its all because of  Human Made Activities. By, 2050 their wouldn't be fresh water left on earth.

Government, should be serious about this issue. Water quality is decreasing day by day. Water which is supplied in homes is not safe for drinking. Most of the people can't even afford drinking water. 

        Why is there a Water Shortage ?

Government, should take initiative so, that industries doesn't release harmful toxins in water. 

Water should be filtered than only, it should be supplied in homes.  

Near my house their is a lake when ever I cross that lake the one thing which attracts me is the largest garbage dump which has been happening from many years. It could be reason why water is polluted. Now, that garbage is taken in large trucks and don't know where it is dumped.

We should keep water clean, by throwing garbage and other wastes in ponds is directly polluting water.

              Water Scarcity 

We should be responsible to save this precious resource that is WATER

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