What are the effects of Terrorism ?

Terrorist activity around the World has been a reason to worry. These are the group of people, which are trained to create fear among innocent, spread violence in order to achieve political aims. Terrorism is an evil act against humanity. I don't know why people train our young generation to get into this Terrorist aims. This kind of work is supported and funded by Big People. Big people are those who are Head of these groups and Is the main master mind behind all these terrorist work. It is not correct to do this. And, destroy their future. Its not their fault they are trained to kill people and children. Even, The attacks which happened in Mumbai 26/11 attacks in India 2008 is the proof that they were asked to do this. Serial bomb blasting in Taj palace, Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital, Metro Cinema and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. In than incident Ajmal Kasab(terrorist) was saved and later was hanged to death in Jail. He said he know other terrorist who were his friend from Pakistan. Main head behind this Attack. He was hanged in 2012. Its evidence in front of us that they are thought in school that Hindu are their enemy and they have to kill them and If it takes their life that's also accepted. That is what is their education system. The Famous Osama bin laden you must be knowing about this personality??? If he went into some other field, He could have excelled in it. We don't know when some ones say lie and we get into his thought. Its very important for us to see the things from own eyes and than believe in it. Same mistake which Ajmal Kasab did and killed innocent people ??? Its not only India, Still many countries are facing it and fight to achieve it. Recently in News it came that U.S.A and China will fight and Do War. For, what that is for International trade conflicts. China has imposed more tax and which has been a reason for their fight. Either, its War 'or' Terrorist activity people want to achieve it in this 'or' Other way. I have seen the movie which is based on Mumbai attacks that is 'The attacks of 26/11'. Movie is based on Mumbai attacks of 2008. Terrorist came from sea route to Mumbai, started to target the position and all this began.       

           What are the effects of Terrorism ?

It's not only the Pulwama Attack(2019), Pathankot Attack(2015), Mumbai Bombing(2011), Indian Parliament Attack(2001), Bangalore Serial Blast(2008) and Jammu Attack(2015) etc. List is never gonna end. Its not only India facing such problem or terror to the society, its same in other countries too. I don't understand people should be trained for education and These are training people How to use Guns?? How to kill them?? 
Nigeria(2011)-25th,Dec- Christmas day bombings were bomb blasts and shootings at churches. Russia(Makhachkala Attack). 2012- Iraq, United States and United Kingdom.
Deadly, Terrorist Attack in the History that occurred in United States of America the September 11 attacks(2001). Where a series of 4 terrorist attacks happened, 4 commercial airlines were hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists. Target was World Trade Center, Pentagon and White House. 3,000 people were dead in this incident. 25,000 people were injured
I can't understand what do you get by killing a person and taking away life. Do you feel happy its good Job??? Its god who created this humanity and he has right to take away ??? Than who are you???? What do you think??? Do share your comments !!!!
Recently, people of Afghanistan especially women have been victim of it. They don't even have freedom to live fully, if they wear tight clothes they are killed and If they remove their BURQA to do vomit they are harassed in front of public. What is this God??? At least I am safe I didn't got birth on Afghan land Thankful to God !!!  
It was Malala Yousafzai the Nobel Peace Prize Girl. Who just did campaign for girls and Was shot on Head by Taliban. But, see her luck and destiny her life was saved. Every thing is in hands of God, Taliban wanted her to kill but she got Nobel prize and great personality in front of us.
Recently, she got married and completed her graduation from Oxford University.
Just think about the people who lost their lives and their family member still cry because they have lost their loved ones. We should be proud of our Armed Forces and Military People, who stay day and night at border and fight against terrorism. Don't even bother about their life and Sacrifice their life for our Nation. We should be Thankful of them of being such brave because of them we are living in the Country without any fear and Security Threat.

       What are the effects of Terrorism?

We all are aware, what is happening in Kabul(Afghanistan). How, Taliban has captured Kabul and wants to rule Afghanistan. People of Afghanistan don't want to stay in country but they are not allowed to leave the Country, if they do so we all know the type of circumstances they have to face. I feel bad for people over their, They can't live their life as per wish because Taliban has put so many restrictions on them. Girls are not allowed to go school. They think If girl is educated she won't do house work and which is against their thinking. In Afghanistan most of Girls schools are been shut down and closed because of this. If at all girls are send to school boys are seated in separate classes and separate arrangement is done for girls too. I know its kind of discrimination which they are doing with girls education. Most of the girls are not allowed to go out of home. Girls don't have right to do Job as per Taliban's Rule. Today, I thank to God that I am not Muslim and born in Hindu Family. Do you know their are many rules for Muslim Girl to not do this 'or' that without permission?? My parents never did that, My brother was first priority but my father treated both girl and boy equally never discriminated us on gender.    

Its time to stand unite and help our neighboring country to fight against terrorist activity happening around the globe 

What are the effects of Terrorism ?

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