Why Television is a Boon?

In Today's World, every house has a TV.  Whether it is rich person or middle class person. Watching TV daily and being aware of current events, news and media is a good thing at the same time watching too much TV can be harmful. I still remember I was in 8th class and my classmate called me to her home to spend some time with her. She saw me a song from Murder-2 movie and it was first time I saw that. It was adult song full of kiss and romantic scenes. I think I can talk about it here freely as we all are mature to think about it. From that time I started to search on TV, If I can see those things as it was kind of addiction which always attracted me. I was too small to understand these things at that moment. That's reason parent should teach their kid about these all things too. When I was small I use to ask to my mom, How was I borne ? My mom use to say from belly. How did I came in your belly?? Than my mom never use to tell me those things. And Today when I am well aware of it. I too think its very Awkward to deal with it. Still Now, I don't have power to go and talk to my Father about Adolescent age. The term 'SEX' seems like what is it talking about??? How can I speak in front of Parents??? I feel very ashamed about talking to my parents. Its common I guess in every house. You must be feeling same like me. Yes?? No??? Do share your comments here !! You must be thinking Why Am I talking about this because Addiction only leads to these all things. And How does this Addiction comes is by watching Television. What do you think?? If you see cartoon 4hrs so you are not addicted?? Its an addiction. Which slowly leads to Cartoons, Video Games and Adult Content. You must be knowing what is this Adult content?? If you don't know than just google it out, you will get the meaning of it.          

      Why Television is a Boon?

Studies have shown a person who watches more TV is OVERWEIGHT.
I too use to watch TV a lot when I was small, I still remember I saw CID and Crime patrol whole day. Especially, Doraemon, fairy tales on Disney, Tom and Jerry. How can I forget Ninja Hattori!! Shinchan one of my favorite. Sometimes I feel why did I grow up I should have been kid and seeing cartoons. But, what ever we want can't happen in real life. 

When ever a romantic song was played my mother use to change the channel, At that time I use to think why mother did this??? And, Now I am grown, know what is RIGHT AND WRONG!!! What to watch in front of family and What to see when I am alone??? I know you understood what I said!! Don't take it in that sense !!! Most of time I spend time by watching Hindi serials and movies. How many of you love watching movie??? Do share your comments!!! Have you ever went to Theatre?? With whom did you go was it with girlfriend 'or' family?? Do share your comments!!!

Now, I have my own phone So, don't watch TV that much. How many are using the phone rightly?? Do share your comments!! You can be FRANK here as I am!!! 
 Television has its good implication at the same time it also has drawback. 
It can be a good source to teach kids about cultural heritage and sanskriti. Kids can learn good values from short stories. Panchatantra Stories  depict moral values. People can learn different languages spoken on TV like- Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada etc.

How many of you learned languages from TV??? I learned only English from it!!! At that time their was Antenna in my home. We didn't had cable 'or' dish network. When ever I use to change channel only 2 channels came 1 DD National and other news one. And in between channels of DD Chhattisgarh, DD Punjabi, DD Rajasthan, DD Uttar Pradesh, DD Assam and many more. From, their I didn't learn language but, I was able to understand it. Its same language like Hindi but, the way they speak is totally different.   

      Why Television is a Boon?                              
Advertisements like- Smoking Cigarette and Drinking Alcohol, where kids are not much aware of and learns bad habits easily. Most of the kids or young children watch movies, its not bad to see a movie but many time most of the movies have Sexual content and Kissing scene. 

Let me tell you people I too went into depression because of it. Their was time in my life when I got addiction of watching it. As, I was staying in hostel during my college time. No one was their to scold and I use to spend whole night watching it. But, Now also if I start seeing it I spend 3-4hrs on it. Searching what to watch. Than, I started to limit myself from phone. I started to search on google why I am getting addicted to it?? I started to restrict myself. Now, I am staying with parents. Now I am not having that much addiction and I have came out of it. I am happy for myself. How many have gone through it??? How many are still addicted to it??? Do share your comments here!!!!

Most of the young children are not much aware of it and gets addicted to porn. Around the World, the ratio of people watching porn has increased tremendously, that to people belonging to age group of  10-26 yrs has largest Percentage. Now, we can imagine our younger generation has been addicted to it. 

            Why Television is a Boon?

These can be some of the side effects of watching too much TV. Parents should monitor their child activity, keep watch on what they are watching and limit the time of watching screen. As, it can weak our eye sights. Many Health Issues are caused. Obesity and develop our brain in wrong direction.  

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