Why did America bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?

Day-6 August 1945, people of Japan are walking around the streets unaware that today is the last day of their life. Morning 8:20 am in Hiroshima. It seems to be normal day like other days. Suddenly, a atomic bomb is dropped by US aircraft. Within few minutes, whole city of Hiroshima vanished, buildings are no more, people are no more. This incidence killed 226,000 people. One nuclear weapon has created such a large destruction. Today, also I can't understand What was that reason which didn't made Japan to surrender after so much loss??? What was that UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER which AMERICA wanted it from Japan???? Its not wrong to say that Japan is Most Powerful Nation. Because of which United States of America was feared if Japan didn't surrender they will lose and It would be Unconditional Win of Japan. It could be reason behind USA dropping Bomb on Japan. Mistake which Japan did was it misunderstood the Aircraft as Japan Weather Plane and left it too take ride on sky of Japan. Because of continuous War Japan didn't had fuel for plane and which gave chance to USA to play a safe game. World War-1, Cold War and World War-2. Made Japan shortage of Goods and fuel. Any How we can't change History But, At least learn from it what ever happened shouldn't happen in future. The famous line 'Every thing is fare and Justice in love and War'. What do you think Was it fare to destroy the Coming Generations?? Was it right to Win War by dropping Nuclear Bomb?? Was it Justice to that Child Who lost her Family in Bombing??? No, I have seen people fighting for land and water But, They never throw Nuclear Bomb on House. Didn't you thought about society which is going to destroy. I have seen in my Country Kargil War but, we never used Nuclear bomb for it. Only Soldiers participate in it Not whole Country Destroys in it.       

 If Japan had surrendered before itself than the loss of life in Nagasaki could have been stopped Why didn't Japan do it??? Its still a question?? Did Japan Government didn't care of life of people??? For them it was WAR and people have to face it Either, was child- innocent 'or' A SOLDIER ??? Its good to have these kind of thinking But, we have to be more practical IN REAL LIFE than IMAGINATION. America didn't wanted their people to die in this and THOUGHT OF ENDING THE GAME BY DROPPING Nuclear Bomb??? Its good that America had developed that which other countries didn't But, WAS IT THE RIGHT PLACE TO TEST ON INNOCENT PEOPLE???

 World War-2 I know many people have lost a lot families, home, kids and everything in front of them. VILLAIN- People with bad intention want to Rule to Country that too without their wish. Same which has been happening in AFGHANISTAN too. And, I being a person but, not able to help them out??? What can I do??? I am just a Girl??? With weak hands and nothing else??? Cause was the PACIFIC AREA??? Was IT??? If you want to rule some area than we should talk and find out a SOLUTION WHICH IS SATISFIED BY BOTH SIDE??? Not, Just START A WAR FOR PIECE OF ISLAND IN OCEAN??? Our earth is surrounded by 71% of water that is OCEAN, SEA, RIVER, LAKE, ISLAND and Glaciers. 

And for this much of ISLAND PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING that too WITH NUCLEAR BOMB???? I saw one of NEWS in which I got to know that Japan's Government didn't care of war they WERE MORE BOTHER OF SOVIET POWER entering into the WAR!!! I don't know till what extent it is true??? But, as I have read History in my 6 and 7 class I have idea How Powerful was Soviet and grabbing all places in GERMANY and Berlin. So, they were powerful and it could be reason for JAPAN TO SURRENDER. America wanted Japan to surrender before 15 august,1945 Why??? Because, Soviet said they will TAKE part in war from 15 august ???? No one thinks How much IT WILL DESTROY JUST WANT TO RULE???

People who got save were lucky But, people around them always made them to feel WHY THEY ARE ALIVE??? THEY SHOULD HAVE ALSO DIED??? Lakhs of people died because of Aftermath of it. Today, also Japan is one of the fastest Developing Countries. It is very difficult for a Country to get out of this and Build its Nation But, Japan is a REAL EXAMPLE IN FRONT OF US. After facing this much, It is very difficult for a country to grow But, Country like Japan is developing in every aspect of glory from food to art, Technology and Science. 

    Why did America bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?

People are still dying because of its radiation. Today, also children are born with some disease- this is aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing. Most of the people, who lost their lives, where not even part of War, why did those innocents were killed? Did those kids did any harm to US people? Just born baby killed any civilian in US, than why was he or she killed in that bombing?:( We, can't even imagine that people want Victory by dropping a bomb!!!!


     Why did America bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?

Use of nuclear weapons in field of war is acceptable, but at the homes of lakh of people is it acceptable?:( Is it Justice? Just kill the innocents and win the war!!! People just want to rule the world without even thinking, they are capable enough to rule it? Japan should have also used nuclear weapon to get victory, but they didn't do the same. This, is what we call the real power. Even though they surrendered in front of US but they can't replace what they were!:)  

Use of nuclear weapons should be stopped. Man invented gun, machine gun and nuclear weapon to protect ourselves not to cause harm to others.  

     Why did America bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?

We should learn what happened in Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and not to use nuclear weapon in any future conflict. 

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