Who is a Farmer ?

India being 2nd largest populated country, where half of the population is dependent on Agriculture for basic livelihood. India being World's largest producer of milk, pulses and jute. Second largest producer of  rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton. The struggle of farmer for high tax which they have to pay is still going on. Don't know whether Government of India will listen to these farm workers 'or' not? The situation in which they grow crop, Either its rain, drought or 'no water' they only know what struggle they have taken to grow crop and protect it from harsh weather climate. It seems like Farm work is easy as compared to study But, In reality is that its too difficult one. Never think a small work is easier its never you have to face same challenges and difficulties in it too. I have seen me Grandfather working in fields and the amount of hard work it requires. If you ask me to do this I can't think I can do that. But, people of villages are doing it from Generations and That's only way to have food and live life. Its very Rare that people of village are doing Job in city and Earning money. Now, it has changed Children of villages are also cracking Government Exams and Civil services Exam. Situation has changed and Village people are not that much poor.        

 India is also one of the leading producers of spices, fish, poultry, livestock and plantation crops. And all this is possible just because of farmers. Farmers of India are really working hard because of their efforts Today India has ranked top in the production of milk, rice, wheat and cotton. Its true they spend their whole life for farming, Cattles and Crop which they grow. Taking care of Cow, Goat and Sheep. Some times I think If I was too born in village and living a same life them, Than Today I wouldn't have got educated from Top University of Mysore. Thanks to God for giving me good life and being educated person. In my family only My father got Government Job and my Uncles are still in village. Any how Village is too getting developed and facilities are being provided But, it is delayed most of time. I still remember I went to village during my school holidays and at that time It was winter season and Light didn't come for 10days. How we managed it that I only know. Without light you can't charge your phone, you can't study,  No water and we use to bring water from common village hand pump, No light in home, I got scared many times in night. Its not easy life without electricity. Have you also stayed in Village and What was your experience ??? Do share here only in comment box. Don't forget it.

         Who is a Farmer ?

But, from last 1yr farmers of India from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat are at protest. Government has introduced new farm laws, farmers are against it and government is not ready to change the laws. Several meetings has happened but new farm laws remains the same. Many farmers lost their life in this protest. You must be knowing about it?? How they made tent and managed to live in it that too at winter time. When cold is too much, they did rallies and even successful to make farmers from all part of India to take part in it. Protest which began in New Delhi was slowly followed to Southern part of India and Farmers of those states too participated in it by doing mass protest over Andhra, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. This is called Unity which India had from Historical times to modern time too. It was India's unity which made British to leave our country. 

Farmers which takes loan to grow crops and the crops which they grow are sold in such low price and what does the farmer earns is the 'LOSS'. Not even able to earn money to fill his stomach and his families need. How many feel its true than share your comments!!! This is true. Go and stay in Village you will get to know the reality, the life they have been facing and hard work they do. I have seen many farmers who stay in poverty and which continues to whole generation. If you have Job than only you can buy food to eat. Because, In Todays World Money is every thing If you can't earn money than you must be knowing your life is going to be even worst than a Beggar. Because, Beggar roams on road and beg for money than fill his stomach. But, In village you have to work for hours and than you will get food to eat.  

Me myself belonging from farming background. My father had spend his childhood on farm land. He has seen his father working on field. They work day and night to grow crops only basic survival of their life. I have seen my grandma she use to do house work than go and do work in fields. Its not easy. Village life is more difficult as compared to life in city. 

There is no water, electricity, cylinder to cook food and house made of brick. When I was staying in village 10yrs back for 2 months. Struggle to live a normal life I only know and people staying in village know it. From hand pump filling water and carrying that bucket till home is brave work which village people do daily. I should appreciate them. In city just on motor and get water but in village its not LIKE THAT. Many of times my hands started to pain and it become red because of it. Think about people who have been doing it from long time. They are not well-educated like me but the hard-work they do is incomparable.

Sometimes, extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall or drought damages the crop. Due to these reasons thousands of farmers has committed suicides. Why, doesn't the government understand the rural population which only depends on farming and at the end of the day, earn even less than what they have invested the money to grow the crop.                 

           Who is a Farmer ?

Recently, the farm laws introduced by government of India has been taken back in Nov,2021. Farmers had thanked government for being supportive. Most of the farmers were happy by this decision. Every person has right to stand against any decision.    

Certain scheme and policy should be introduced that benefits the farmer. At least, their shouldn't be famine and hunger type of situation for our Agricultural Landlords.

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