What is Deforestation and its effects ?

 Its good to see the government has accelerated the construction of infrastructure from a place where there was forest land or no hope to construct a road. I should appreciate the government for constructing roads, airports and waterways over such place. Its very nice that you can even go to hill for picnic because roads are being developed and no need to climb you can go by car 'or' bus. Construction has made life easier to survive. And, Government is providing fund for construction. Near my home Metro is being developed. From Next year onwards I can too travel to far place within seconds. You know Metro??? How fast it travels??? I was in Hyderabad and metro use to be their to go from one station to other that is from 'Kacheguda to Secunderabad'. I always use to go from it and within 5 minutes I use to reach My destination. I know before it must be a forest land where Government has build Metro Station and it is functional today. Which we can see now. Our Prime Minister 'Narendra Modi' has always focussed on Plantation of trees. And, as always remained in headlines. In school also we had many club activities and I use to join Green Club. Plantation of trees and taking care of garden in school, Cleaning the campus and Putting water to plants. Do you know How China converted a desert into a forest land?? If you know it than Do share here in comment box. Key secret is the 'Tree Plantation' which China has been using to convert desert into farmland. We should also learn from it and make our Planet Green and filled with Trees.      

Making easy accessible over that place. Easy transportation of goods from one place to other place. Import 'or' Export of goods from one country to other country. If it would have been forest area than it wouldn't be possible. But, In this process we forgot about our forest, mountain and species surviving in it. Without, it How would they live??? Have you ever imagined How will we live without plants, forest and greenery around us??? Do you why people don't live in Desert area??? Because, their is no plants, forest and water is the main cause of it. Do we want the environment in which we are living should become a Desert??? Where the possibilities to survive is so less?? Do we want our planet Earth to convert into a Desert??? If No??? Than, Why the part of Deforestation activities??? Do forest produce any harm to us??? Than, Why do we want to CUT IT???

Recently, In India the found of largest diamond mines of world are about to destroy forest. Not only forest, Tribal Society living their. Leave about people they can move from one place to other But, What about DIVERSITY LIVING OVER THEIR WHERE WOULD THEY MOVE??? Buxwaha Forest in Madhya Pradesh. Before, Government didn't agree for mining activities. But, they have granted Permission to take place on small part of forest. We know the value of Diamond!!! Its good to see that India too has precious stones hidden in its land. I don't say that it should not take place But, the harm and damage it will cause just THINK ABOUT IT. 

Don't forget what happened in Chennai,2015. The Mega Floods that killed more than 500 people living Millions of people homeless. What was the reason for it to occur??? Was it A SIDE EFFECT OF DEFORESTATION ACTIVITY 'or' WHAT???? Heavy rain which arrived in Chennai because of pressure in Ocean, Its not common to see these much rain every year in India. Than, Was it a Result of Climate Change???? What was it??? Do you have any answer??? If you have than Do share in comment section!!!! I don't want to say that same can occur in Madhya Pradesh too??? I just want to be cautious before Anything happens??? I just want to inform people that these kind of situations can arise in future And, its effect CAN BE DANGEROUS THAN THIS!!! I am not doing any kind of prediction??? So, we should be careful about it. What do you think about it ??? Share your suggestions in comment section!!!

        What is Deforestation and its effects ?

One side I should be thankful at the other side, Have you ever thought the harm or danger caused to our ecosystem by destroying or cutting trees. Around the World their are many construction sites, where each day lakh of trees and forests are cut down. Don't you think we are destroying our biodiversity by our own hands? The motto 'Go Green and Save Our Earth' is of no mean. We our self putting our planet earth on danger. The place where I stay lot of development is taking place. Multi storey building is being constructed. Metro is under construction. Before, it was a village area now it is converting into city. And, its effect can also be seen. The incidence of Cloud burst are common here. When ever it rains it rains for whole day, heavy winds and cyclonic pressure are seen. It must be because of heavy development which is taking place. 

When one tree is cut down and amount of carbon dioxide it releases in atmosphere is 5%. Just think about when each day lakhs of trees are cut down, than total amount of carbon dioxide it releases in atmosphere will be of lakhs times. which contributes to green house effect. Rural Population, which only depends on forest activity for their daily survival, by deforestation activities are we not putting their lives at risk. 

         What is Deforestation and its effects ?

Amazon forest, which have been largely impacted by deforestation activities. Construction of dams, mining activities and urbanization are the main causes of cutting tree. Africa has also been suffering from deforestation. Nigeria - Over 90% of forests were lostIndonesia lost about 9 million hectares of its forests, largely due to deforestation caused by Palm OilGovernment should take action, by keeping into account the amount of harm deforestation activities causes to the atmosphere. 

                        What is Deforestation and its effects ?                                                  

Lets be the part by not causing harm or damage to our environment. Let us save our Mother Earth from deforestation activities. Let us make our Earth more Green by planting more Trees and Plants.

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