What is Social Media and its importance ?

Social Media has become quite popular these days because of its user- friendly features. Social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are giving people more chance to connect each other across the globe. The Youth is frequent users of social media. Yes, Its true. I have seen my sister's daughter playing game in smart phone. She is just 5yr old and When ever we say its not good to play on phone. She starts to shout and doesn't listen to us. Many times she has even got beating but, than also she is not able to come out of that habit. This is not first time I am seeing kid to use phone. Even my friends son wants phone to see cartoons. And, when I asked him what did you watch he said Shinchan!! If child is having screen touch phone with data pack it can influence child's mind in wrong direction. They are very small and don't even have knowledge about it what to watch?? And What not?? If you inform your child before using a phone what you should be seeing??? And Don't spend much time on it, Than it could be beneficial for kid. I know most of parents don't have much time to spend with kid as they must be busy in their office work and Other things. But, its their duty to guide child in right direction. Some times I too feel why my parents didn't tell me about these things, Than it could Its not right time for me know about it. When time will come we will tell her ?? But, it didn't happen Because I got my smart phone in college that too in hostel. I had full freedom to use it as my wish. Later, I think I have wasted a lot of time on it. I could have done some thing better in my life. Because, phone is the only tool which can make your life 'or' Get you out of track. Especially, Internet is the part very important because you can gain knowledge from it 'or' Get addicted to movies and Cartoons. Its not only it has bad advantage, It too has good advantages if you use it in proper way for studies and Getting knowledge of current events happening in World. It depends on you. I know at certain age you would too get addicted to phone and won't even sleep without your phone. But, always keep this phone away from you when you sleep because the radiations which are coming out of it affects our brain and Can damage the body parts. Its true you must be not believing upon this fact But its true. I have read many incidents in News that a person was talking on phone and his ear got damaged because phone was blast. This is not only one case their are many. By hearing this I started to keep my phone in next room when ever I sleep. Life is more important than this Phone.      

Social Media can be very useful at the same time it has it's harmful effects too. It can be a good source for education. Children's can utilize the information available on internet related to topic. 

Live lectures are now available on social media, whether it is on Youtube, Google or Zoom. People can attend lecture or meeting that too sitting in home without going anywhere. Either it is from abroad or other Country. People can easily access it.

          What is Social Media and its importance ?

Nowadays its very rare that people waste their money in buying a newspaper, science and technology has improved so much that people just google out the news available on internet. 

People are always updated by news or what is happening around the world through social media. People can easily communicate with their family or loved ones. Either from whatsapp, facebook or video call. Great opportunities for employment through social media.

Despite having such great advantage of social media, it can be a harmful element of society, if not used in a right direction. The oversharing of photos on social media makes children a target for predators and hackers.

 It also leads to cyberbullying. Most of the children's get addicted  to social networking sites, which leads to wastage of time and bad performance in academics. Social media also creates communal rifts. Fake news gets Viral, which poisons the mind of people.

           What is Social Media and its importance ?

The use of Social Media is beneficial at the same time it has its drawbacks too. It depends upon how we utilize it.

How many have seen their child spending most of time on cellphone??? And, when you tried to tell them its not good??? What was their reaction??? How did they responded??? Do share your comments !!!

Have you ever got addicted to social media?? Either, its Facebook, Instagram 'or' Youtube?? There would some time of your life when this chatting and messaging won't stop??? For how many nights you didn't sleep??? Do share your comments!!! 

Let me tell one of my incident 3yrs back when I was new to facebook. I usually don't chat that much But, at beginning I started to chat with friends. No, the thing was one of my friend proposed me than we shared our 'whatsapp' no. and than we talked whole night. I was feeling sleepy because of it. Later on I came to know it was fraud I blocked that no. From that time I don't message that much. We shared our photos. But, he said lie to me. Later I realized he was fraud.  

I was staying in hostel that time no one was their to scold. As, I wanted to see movies and I started to watch at night and I saw 2 movies that night. It was movie based on real life story So, it was worth seeing it. Many of times I use to watch Korean web series as my friend did. When I saw one it made me to see 5-6episodes together. At, certain point of my life I thought I became addicted to it because whenever I start to see I spend 4-5hrs on it. I wasted a lot of time on it later I felt that. How many felt the same after wasting time on watching a movie??? Do share your comments!!!

Children should have a balance between their Study time and Social Media. People should not get too much attached to social media, as it can destroy ones life. Too much use of it can be Dangerous.

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