Essay on Let Children Earn Knowledge not Money !!!

                 Essay on Let  Children  Earn Knowledge not Money !!!

"The truth is that money doesn't make you rich; Knowledge does"- Robert kiyosaki.

   People now prefer money over knowledge. The motive behind education is acquiring knowledge, that lays the ground force to face hurdles of life and builds behavior. If the only purpose to gain knowledge is to earn money, then What is the meaning of education? Why we should study?? We should earn money itself Right?? But, If you are not educated Than How will you earn money?? For any Job you should be Educated and have knowledge. If you don't have 12th pass certificate than How will you get Job?? Do you have that knowledge to Earn money??? Than, How to get this Knowledge?? By, reading Books.       

  Knowledge can be a source to make money, however it can't be purchased with money; it is acquired by individual effort. Nowadays education is focused on teaching, not learning. A child learns fundamental things such as how to walk, talk, eat, dress and that too without being taught. How will children learn??? If, teacher keeps on Teaching continuously, Than How would children understand what they are learning?? I myself being a Teacher Graduate knows What children go through in classroom. Teacher should not only focus on Completion of Syllabus But, also on students. Why slow-learners always leave behind from others ??? Because, Teacher don't focus on them. Equal opportunities are not given to them. Most of the topics are not even known to students. And, Teacher in rush completes the Chapter, Without even considering that students have understood 'or' No. Teacher should teach a topic keeping in mind about Slow learners, Average and Fast learner. Some activity should always taken to teach a topic in class, It makes easier for students to learn it. Understand it and learn for test. For, Math child should practice Numerical Problem and practice it. Practice makes it Perfect.   

 Adults learn most of the things from school, but what they remember is irrelevant. Even young children are told right from their childhood to get good marks and grades, so that they can get good college, good job and in turn earn good money. The primary objective of learning gets lost here. Most of us want to Earn money. For, that you must be studying Day and Night. So, that you could get good marks But, No one thinks of Knowledge?? For you What is more important?? Is it Money 'or' Knowledge?? Don't forget to share your comments here.           

  Knowledge is infinite while wealth is finite. knowledge cannot be lost or taken away or snatched, but wealth can be. Wealth could diminish but knowledge increases when shared. A man of wealth is respected only till he possesses it; An educated person is respected even after he is no more. Yes, Its True. You must be knowing about 'Albert Einstein'??? Don't you ??? The great Physicists, His Discoveries and contribution in field of Science are still remarkable. He is no more but his Theories are still taught in school and Colleges to students.  

It is said that " A fool and his money are soon parted". One may have the money, but without wisdom, he can't utilize that money. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs , Jack Ma are some of the eminent personalities who have set an example that with knowledge one can build a fortune. Without information and knowledge, one can't get ahead in life. " Knowledge is power". It is a true power which always remains with person in all good and bad times. A knowledgeable person will be better understand circumstances and act accordingly. When you educate yourself, we learn new things that we were previously unaware. That's reason, In Todays World person should be educated. Its very important that our Coming generation is Literate.                 

 Once a giant ship's engine failed and the owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure out how to fix the engine. Then they called an Old man who was an expert in fixing ships. Since he was a boy. 

The old man then pulled out a small hammer and gently tapped something. Instantly, engine started to work. A week later, the owners received a bill from old man for $10,000. They were shocked and said " He hardly did anything!" so they wrote the old man a note saying, " Please send us an itemized bill". The man sent a bill: Tapping with a hammer: $2.00; knowing were to tap: $9,998.00 . So, it was knowledge that saved the day. 

One such person with undeniable knowledge was Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who is known as the missile man and served as India's 11th President. He was born in a small district in Tamil Nadu to poor parents. Kalam had average grades in school but was described as a bright and hardworking student who had a strong desire to learn. It was his knowledge which made him President and Scientist of India. If you have knowledge than you can earn Money. Without, Knowledge you can't do anything. He is known as 'Missile Man of India'. If a person has knowledge his life can change from Normal man to Doctor, Teacher 'or' Scientist. If you have knowledge you can do something different from others in life. In villages also people are demanding for Educated Daughter-in-law. Why you want educated one?? Because, she can earn money and you can be rich. This is what is importance of Education is did you understand that. Share your comments about it. Do you to want to marry Educated Girl ??? 

 It was his hunger for learning that he became an inspiring teacher, a narrative author and a great scientist. He received several awards- Bharat Ratna, Padma Bhushan etc. His story truly sets an example that with great Knowledge one can achieve great heights. Now, you can get an idea that Either, its 'Albert Einstein' or 'A.P.J Abdul Kalam' without knowledge they couldn't have done this and Brought glory to the Nation. Its all their knowledge which they gained from Books and Personal Experience.   

             Essay on Let  Children  Earn Knowledge not Money !!!                                                                          
So, how can we instill knowledge among children? It can be done partly by making education very enjoyable rather than just a rote learning. we have lost the art of teaching moral science and ethics to them. Discussion on what is right and wrong. If we engage children thoroughly with interesting hands-on-work and experiment, then children will be interested in learning the concepts.
What do you think as per you What is important-Is it Money 'or' Knowledge??? Do share your comments.   
In end, I would say that children should understand the topics and not run behind to earn money.                          

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