Who said Be the Change You Want to See in Others??

                       Who said Be the Change You Want to See in Others??

"Only I can change my life, No one Can do it for Me"- said by Carol Barnett. If you have the will power to fight than go and make the change in this society. Take responsibility to make changes rather than blaming others for Unexpected happening in your life.  

We all have that Habit of blaming others ?? Don't you??? Don't forget to share your comments only over here!!! I have too seen in myself that when ever some thing is NOT WORKING, I am not able to clear my COMPETITIVE EXAMS I blame my Mother!!! Its all because of you !!! You didn't let me study and I kept on doing HOUSE WORK !!! This is what Reason I give them!!! When I don't clear exam !! In Reality we all are like this WE KEEP ON BLAMING OTHERS FOR OUR FAULT But, Don't realize it was our own Fault !!! And, when we Understand its TOO LATE TO GO THROUGH IT !!! Today, I have lot of STAGE FEAR !!! Because I didn't participate in school programs at my childhood and I keep on blaming my Father that he never let me to participate in it and Always, said me to be focused on studies and NOTHING ELSE !! But, truth is that I myself never went for it and My parents never Motivated me to go for it. Today, I am able to ride Bicycle because my Brother use to ride it and I too learned at that time other wise I would have blaming MY PARENTS !!! Today, I am sitting in home and not earning FOR THIS I BLAME MY PARENTS ITS BECAUSE OF YOU!!! No, Its not only me I know many of us must be blaming parents WHY DID YOU PUT ME IN THIS SCHOOL ??? THIS IS NOT GOOD?? Why do you always get me lowest price thing not good one ??? What ever the problem is?? We always blame other not see why did it happen like this ?? Was it my fault?? I was wrong and I kept on blaming others for it !!! Why did I do this to them ?? Did you ever Understood that??? First off all Stop blaming others for your mistake !!! Understand that its my fault, I am responsible for it not others for it !!! Change your mindset than only you will accept it !!! Later, I too realized that its was my mistake !! And, I kept on blaming others for it !! 

We always expect someone to make changes in our life. Whether it is destiny or by luck. We always depend on others. WHY ? we should depend on others? We have intrinsic ability to change but what prevents us is our own mind set. If you want to see the change, than first of all change your own mind set. Why are you dependent on other ?? Don't you have have hand and legs to take your own food ?? You want Mother to give it every thing ?? Why are you always dependent on her?? Today, she is with us Not every time she will be with us than you have to do your work own!! Than, what you will do at that time?? Who will give you after her??? Don't depend on other GET UP STAND UP AND START FROM NOW!!                                      

 I am a simple person. What can I DO? I am neither a business man or a celebrity, who will listen to me? I have such a busy schedule. Where is time for me to make change in this society? No support from anyone. What will I do? These all are excuses which we all have been giving to people around us. I didn't clear Exam because of Family problems. I didn't woke up today Because it was Alarm clocks fault!! Did you see why did it happen because it was you behaving like that and Later, Blaming others !!! Even Mahatma Gandhi was simple person But, He changed people thinking towards British and One day British left India !! He too was Well educated why did he spend his whole life for people of India ??? He shouldn't but he did and Today People remember him for his Contribution and efforts to free India from British !!! I know we are not IAS, IPS Than who will listen to us??? We don't have power ??? Than, be a IAS and get power to change this society But you can't because Exam is not that easy and again you will blame us only !!! You know that we humans are like this when things don't seem to be happening we put it on other heads no it was he !! Its not me !! God has made all off us like this but its up to us How we use it ??? Did Salman Khan was Born a Star from childhood NO he worked hard and got all this name and fame !!! We all have to face it and solve the situation not blame if it was not solved !!! Because of you I didn't do my Math problem. But, In reality you would have forgot and not reminded. Later, In class you blame it to your friend that he took my math notebook to home so I didn't do !! This is called cleverness to Get escape from problem !! And, So that math teacher don't scold !!! I know many of us have done this same in their childhood and school !!! Don't you??? Don't forget to share your suggestions in comment box !!!  


       Who said Be the Change You Want to See in Others??                                                                       

Can't we keep our surrounding clean? Can't we throw our household garbage in the bins? You may be thinking why I am talking about this , but you would realize , if your surrounding is clean, roads are clean, it will look better than today. There will be less pollution and diseases caused by it.        

If we don't waste electricity and water in our house, than we don't only save money but also consumption and wastage of it . Thus, we can bring a change. Can't we be the change by being nice to others? Can't we bring the change by not accepting dowry? Can't we create awareness against it in villages, can't we make street safe for femalesThe answer to all this is YES.

It's not what others do, its what we think, we believe and how we act upon it, will change the things around us, just being critical ,ignorant and dumping the problems on others will not solve the issues. It will be slow and gradual but do understand, any thing that is good and beneficial takes longer time than some thing that's destructive. 

Thus, we can say if we take steps and change then the people around us will change. lets be the change which can bring smile to people than tears in their eyes. How many want to be this change??? Than do share your comments!!!     


                           Who said Be the change you want to see in others???


  1. Yes,it is true in each and everyone's life and even in my life also by Anjali Kumari.

    1. Thank's Anjali kumari for your valuable suggestion.....


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